커스텀(Custom) K2 패티(Fatty) 프로(Pro) Skates // RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Custom K2 Fatty Pro Skates

Yo yo yo, Hirt again here to show you some Custom K2 Fatty Pro Skates, we took the K2 Fatty Pro Skates and through on some of the K2 Varsity Soulplates to give you some more boot protection, bigger soul space, and a smoother backslide area. For frames we mounted on some of the Kaltik Swain Flat Frames the perfect frames if you like a flat rocker setup. Since this is a flat rocker setup we put on some of the Denial Wojda 59/93 Wheels, they come in a 59mm size and a 93 hardness, literally the perfect wheel for flat rocker especially in Kaltik Flat Frames. Bearings, we had to go with some top notch bearings that would really bring this skate together so we went with some Titen Aragon Abec 9 Bearings, tested by the man himself, built for high caliber skating.

A of the inside of the skate, showing you were the soulplates protect the boot.

A shot of the front of the skate, showing you how slim it is.

The backside of the skate, showing you the shape of the cuff.

A ton of room for all kinds of negative tricks.

These soul plates give you a ton of more soul space compaired to the stock setup.

Another look at what kind of soul room you'll be looking at if you put on the Varisty souls.

Ready to shred

One of the more slimmer looking skates that we carry, these actually look pretty dope.

K2 Varsity Soulplates

Custom K2 Fatty Pro Skates

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