발로(Valo) 라이트(Light) 존 훌리오(Jon Julio) 블랙 & 와인(Black & Wine) // JJ, Grindhouse, AM Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

VALO JJ.Light black & wine BootOnly

The JJ.Light black & wine is only produced as limited edition. The special feature of this model is its unique skin (coating). The material is called "Waxed Canvas". This material gives the skate its distinctive and unmistakable look.

As the name suggests, the highlight of the skate lies in the detail. You cannot see it through the well-proven, strong skin. The shell is made of carbon fiber. This reduces the weight of the boot to 1,15 kg at size 40 making 400g lighter than any other boot in this size.

The shell is open at the toe/upperfeet part. So you do not have pressure from above. VALO reworked the entire fit of the skate. Now its true-sized because of a 0,5cm wider and larger shell.
The liner is also light and perfectly supports your feet (even if you have wide feet). The toe is made of neopren, the tonque is fixed by a strap and the heel padding keeps your foot in the right position.

And that is not all. The soulframe is lightweight aswell, consisting of only two pieces now (other VALO Skates have three-piece soulframes). The frontpart of the soulframe has a fresh and clean sneaker look.

  • Carbon Fiber Shell
  • 0,5cm wider/larger than former VALOs
  • Open Toe Shell
  • 2 Piece Soulframe
  • VALO Light Liner

314.95 EUR

VALO JJ.Light black & wine FLT II Edition

VALO JJ.Light black & wine BootOnly with GC FLT II Frames, UDC CJ Wellsmore 58mm/88A wheels, GRINDHOUSE Super Fast ABEC-9 bearings

359.95 EUR

싸보인다 -_-;;;;;;;;;;

Valo Jon Julio Light (Black/Wine) BOOT ONLY

The new black and wine colored Valo JJ Lights.

This is the Valo Jon Julio Light Pro BOOT ONLY for those of you who want to decide what frames, wheels and bearings you want to put on the boot to create the skate set up that is just right for your skating style.

The entire Valo "LIGHT" concept and platform underwent extensive testing by the entire Valo team. Their main goal was to achieve a skate that not only fit better, it skated better and was LIGHTER. This skate also had to retain the qualities that the die hard Valo fans could feel at home on and stay true with. The result of their endeavor is a skate that features a carbon fiber open shell that comes toe cut right out of the box.

Along with the toe cut, the shell received a generous trim along the original lace section opening the shell up vastly. By using carbon fiber Valo was able to save space in almost all areas on the inside of the boot shell thus allowing the lights to be 5mm wider from instep to outstep and 5mm longer from toe to heel. That means that if you were in-between sizes on the previous models, or had width issues these should in theory fit your foot much better. Even though the rigid carbon fiber is not known for it's flexibility, the flex of the skate is not compromised because the original PU cuff is used in conjunction with their outstanding memory buckle.

To keep the sneaker style going strong Valo has once again outdone themselves and designed an amazing looking skin for Valo owner/pro Jon Julio. The black and wine skin looks amazing and features nothing but the highest quality materials from Italy. Last but not least the original 3 piece soul plate was revamped to a simpler 2 piece design that closely resembles that of a vulcanized shoe sole. These soul plates retain all the grooves and soul dimensions from the 3 piece design, again ensuring that the "LIFER'S" would feel at home on their first hits.

  • Weight of single boot: 2 lbs. 14 oz. (Based on a size 9)

  • Carbon Fiber shell, PU cuff w/Memory buckle

  • New improved THICKER "light" model liners

  • New redesigned soul plates

  • Skin made from real leather

  • High Quality - Made in Italy

  • Available in full sizes 6-15

    • $ 361.00

      Valo Jon Julio Light Replacement Skins BLACK/WINE

      New replacement Valo Jon Julio Light skins for your Valo LIGHT skates. Available in his pro model black/wine color scheme.

      Pick your size range and you are set!

      Only available in sizes listed.

      • Color: Black/Wine

      • Sold in pairs (1 left and 1 right)

      • Designed for the Valo LIGHT Skates

      $ 99.00

      Valo JJ Light Black Red Boots

      Yo yo yo, Hirt here with yet another Rollerwarehouse Blog, we just got in these fresh new Valo JJ Light Black Red Boots, brand new from the homies over at Valo. This skate features the legendary carbon shell on the inside of the skate, and what that does is give you a super light skate that is also still pretty sturdy and supportive. The skin on this skate is pretty sweet to, its like a black waxed canvas with the dark red color panel you see in the pictures. This skate is offered as boot only so you can throw whatever frames, wheels, and bearings you want on them, so you can get yourself the perfect custom skate. They also made tons of improvements to the liner, increased the durability of the stitching to increase this liners durability. If your looking for a really light skate that has that sleek sneaker look to it, then these are for you, check out some of the extra info and pictures below:

      This Valo boot is the newest technology from Valo, utilizing a carbon fiber boot mold to make this the most lightweight Valo skate to date! These Valo JJ Light Black Red Boots entail all the original Valo style (skin, buckle, etc) while incorporating the new boot mold and a new 2 Piece Soul System

      The Valo JJ Light Black Red Boots also feature an interior and exterior lacing system.. Meaning that there’s laces on the actual shell and laces on the skin. This way you’re able to really customize the fit on your foot and have this aggressive skate fit as tight or as loose as you’d like.

      And, of course, we couldn’t talk about this Valo skate without talking about how lightweight they are. The biggest benefit to riding a carbon boot is that they feel almost weightless under your foot, while still being incredibly durable and holding shape very well. Valo has had a rigorous testing process to ensure that these Valo skates will not only skate well, but be in it for the long haul as well.

      The new 2 piece Valo soulplate design gives it a sleek and close-to-your-foot feel while still making them wide and easy to lock in any tricks. These souls also give the Valo skate a slimmer/less bulky feel while skating, making it easier to maneuver.

      If you havn’t yet checked out the Valo website and facebook page, check out the links below and give them a like on facebook.

      Thanks and stay tuned to the Rollerwarehouse Blog for our next awesome blog.

      그 전에 뽐뿌질하던 사진은 아래에...
      발로(Valo) 라이트(Light) 존 훌리오(Jon Julio) 블랙 & 와인(Black & Wine) // JJ


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        AM의 Valo Jon Julio Light (Black/Wine) 사진 추가염~
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        RW의 Valo JJ Light Black Red Boots 사진 추가염~
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