커스텀(Custom) 레이저(Razors) SL 드레 파웰(Dre Powell) 2 Skates // RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

i took off the White Cuffs, Soulframes, Sliders, and Backslides. And threw on some Red Soulframes, Sliders, and Backslides. Also i put on some Black Cuffs. I was pretty satisfied with the stock Ground Control F1 XS Frames that came on it, so i left it alone. Same story with the stock wheels and stock bearings, just keep this skate pretty regular, all black with red souls.

Next spot was the post office downtown, now there isnt a whole lot to even skate here so we were just messing around on some of the random obstacles that were laying around. Keane snapped this cool photo of me Fishbraining this plastic postal box. I just got a pair of the Razor Dre 2′s with all red souls, and im pumped to finally start breaking them in.


  • 동민 2011/11/24 16:23 #

    으어억!! 건담간지
  • 코코마 2011/11/24 18:57 #

  • 어쿠 2011/11/25 01:02 #

    으헉 기저귀 발진?
  • 코코마 2011/11/25 01:12 #

    조카 키우느라 바쁜 어쿠!! ㅋ
  • faaeee 2011/11/25 02:26 #

    이..이쁘다 ?? 으응?? 아...아닌가?? 으읏??
  • 코코마 2011/11/25 15:46 #

    고민됨. ㅋㅋ
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