발로(Valo) JJ 라이트(Light) Black/Wine "Red Featherlite 2 Setup" Skates // 존 훌리오(Jon Julio), GC 페더라이트 2 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

This is our "Featherlite 2 Complete Set Up" for the new Valo Jon Julio Light Black/Wine skates which comes matched with the popular GC Featherlite v.2 frames, 56mm wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and GC 42mm nylon anti-rockers for all of your grinding needs.

The entire Valo "LIGHT" concept and platform underwent extensive testing by the entire Valo team. Their main goal was to achieve a skate that not only fit better, it skated better and was LIGHTER. This skate also had to retain the qualities that the die hard Valo fans could feel at home on and stay true with. The result of their endeavor is a skate that features a carbon fiber open shell that comes toe cut right out of the box.

Along with the toe cut, the shell received a generous trim along the original lace section opening the shell up vastly. By using carbon fiber Valo was able to save space in almost all areas on the inside of the boot shell thus allowing the lights to be 5mm wider from instep to outstep and 5mm longer from toe to heel. That means that if you were in-between sizes on the previous models, or had width issues these should in theory fit your foot much better. Even though the rigid carbon fiber is not known for it's flexibility, the flex of the skate is not compromised because the original PU cuff is used in conjunction with their outstanding memory buckle.

To keep the sneaker style going strong Valo has once again outdone themselves and designed an amazing looking skin for Valo owner/pro Jon Julio. The black and wine skin looks amazing and features nothing but the highest quality materials from Italy. Last but not least the original 3 piece soul plate was revamped to a simpler 2 piece design that closely resembles that of a vulcanized shoe sole. These soul plates retain all the grooves and soul dimensions from the 3 piece design, again ensuring that the "LIFER'S" would feel at home on their first hits.

  • Weight of single skate: 3 lbs. 14 oz. (Based on a size 9)

  • Carbon Fiber shell, PU cuff w/ Memory buckle

  • New improved THICKER "light" model liners

  • New redesigned 2 piece soul plates

  • Skin made from real leather

  • Ground Control Featherlite 2 Frames

  • 56mm wheels (graphics may vary)

  • Abec 5 bearings

  • GC 42mm nylon anti rockers

  • Available in full sizes 6-15

  • Assembled by Aggressivemall

$ 411.00


  • faaeee 2011/12/26 02:05 #

    오오 .. 저 잘끼워진듯한 프래임과 솔판 ..

    그런데 .. 아 .. 스킨 디자인이 ..


    아참 ,

    저 푸마에서 나온 신발인데 이거랑 똑같은 디자인 봄 -_- ;;

    발로는 ..아 ..

    그런데 독창적인 레이져 스킨은 더 안이쁜게 문제 ..--
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