커스텀(Custom) 샤도(Xsjado) JC 로우(Rowe) Boots // 카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) 4, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

liners: Xsjado JC Rowe Sneakers
frames: Kizer Fluid IV Black Frames
outside wheels: Eulogy 2011 Rowe 58/91 Wheels
inside wheels: Razor Black Anti Rocker 42mm
bearings: Bones Swiss Bearings

Heya, Hirt here to show you probably one of the coolest custom skates of the year. We took pair of the brand new Xsjado JC Rowe Boots we threw in the Black/White/Red Xsjado JC Rowe Sneakers to match the Red Xsjado Dual Cuff Straps we added on. And to keep this sweet red color scheme going we put on some Red Xsjado 2010 Baseplates and Red Xsjado 2010 Soulplates. For frames we put on some solid, slick Kizer Fluid IV Black Frames, and since this frame is perfect for an anti-rocker setup we had to put on some Razor Black Anti Rockers 42mm. For outside wheels we had no other choice but to go with the Eulogy 2011 JC Rowe 58/91 Wheels to match his pro skate. Bearings we went with some of the best in the biz some Bones Swiss Bearings, a personal must for myself. Check 0ut some of the detailed pictures below:

The Xsjado straps are some of the best you can find. This design and technology work perfect to give you a fully customizable aggressive skate while combining durability and longevity into the mix.

The three point strap system is one of best features of Xsjado skates. This allows you to adjust the fit all up and down the skate, so that it will fit YOUR foot just how it’s supposed to.

The Xsjado Base Plates and Kizer Fluid IV Black Frames are a great match for each other. The grooves line up perfectly with each other so these Xsjado skates will be ready to ride right when you pull em out of the box!

While your at it check out some of these companies website and give them a like on facebook.Xsjado:



강렬한 레드 컬러 솔판!!!! +_+


  • Dk 2012/01/03 22:51 #

    아아 이건 아니야 ㅠㅠ
    이거슨 JC가 아님요!!!
  • 코코마 2012/01/03 23:12 #

    이거... 종처리가 한번 질러줘야 하는 거 아님!? ^^ㅋ
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