커스텀(Custom) USD 2012 Black 렐름(Realm) Skates // RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Ready to shred!

Custom USD 2012 Black Realm Skates

We present to you the Custom USD 2012 Black Realm Skates. A sweet slim looking, all black boot from your boys at USD. To customize this skate a lil bit we threw on some Cyan Kizer 2011 UHMW Type M Frames, a dope freestyle frame, with the hblock being made out of UHMW, so you know it’ll slide super fast and last ya a long time. For wheels we put on some Street Urethane Team 58/90 Wheels, super clean looking wheel in a 90 hardness and 58mm, a good hardness and a perfect profile, these wheels will get ya shredding like the pro’s. As far as bearings go we threw on some Undercover Abec 7 Bearings, to get ya rolling super fast, it’s an abec 7 bearing so you know it’s the jam. And to top it off we threw in some A4 Blue Razors Round Skate Laces, really brings the color scheme of these skates together.

The inside of these skates

The front of these skates showing you the sweet blue laces

The back of these skates, showing you a little bit of the cuff structure

From the front looking down the outside of the skate

Looking down the inside of the skate from behind it

Looking up from underneath at the frames and souls

An awesome picture of the front of the skates.


Looking down on the blades