롤러블레이드(ROLLERBLADE) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo) SB // 스벤 보코스트(Sven Boekhorst), GH, RW, IW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인


The v is made for  the requirements of real Aggressive-Skaters. Sven Boekhorst himself designed his own pro model.

One thing makes this skate really special: The shell and the cuffs are made of Bio-Plastic. That makes the skate even lighter and get's you closer to the nature ;)

The single-form-made shell provides for best achievement, stability and durability with low weight at the same time. The well-padded liner assure good comfort and good ventilation.

The V-Cut-Cuff also provides good flexibilty. Buckles and soulplates are structured that you have maximum control and the opportunity of different movements while street or park skating.

The skate comes with RB Blank Frame, ABEC 9 bearings, 2x 60mm/88A and 2x Plastic Antirocker 42mm Wheels.

299,95 EUR

The shell and the cuffs are made of Bio-Plastic. That makes the skate even lighter and get's you closer to the nature ;)

우오오... 쉘과 커프가 바이오-플라스틱(Bio-Plastic)이라고!!!!

살로몬 물렁쉘 같은 건가!?!? -o-a

Another brand new skate from the homies over at Rollerblade. The Rollerblade Estilo Sven Skates, Sven Boekhorst is a long time shredder from the Netherlands, and X-Games Gold Medalist. Sven took 2003 – 3rd Place Park (Bronze). 2000 – 1st Place Park (Gold). 1999 – 1st Place Vert Triples (Gold). 1998 – 3rd Place Vert Triples (Bronze) at the X-Games, pretty impressive, and still killing it at 30+ years old. Sven’s skate is their classic Estilo style shell with a new twist, the actual shell and cuff of the skate are made from biodegradable plastic between 30% and 60% of renewable raw materials. This makes the skate not only green on the outside, but also on the inside. Check out some of the extra info and detailed pictures below:

“Skating legend Sven Boekhorst collaborated with Rollerblade designers to produce his pro skate. The Solo Estilo SB shell and cuff utilize bioplastics with renewable raw materials that help safeguard the environment without sacrificing performance. It is has a V-cut liner and cuff. The Solo sole system features an all NEW street formula composite nylon which stands up to Sven’s skating style. The sole plates are a completely flat sliding surface for stable sole tricks. The system also includes a one piece inner negative plate for negative grind tricks.The Estilo SB comes with an all NEW Blank brand frame, with shaped side-walls which make the frame slide smooth on the roughest surfaces. 60mm/88a wheels for improved speed, SG9 bearings and 47mm plastic anti rockers for optimum grind space. All hardware (cuff, sole plates, and frames) are removable and replaceable.”

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“Together with Rollerblade we explored the different possibilities for my new skate. Some main features have been redesigned for the SB skate. The cuff is redesigned; the plastic part at the strap is cut off to improve comfort. I wanted the skate to be very light so we choose for two straps instead of clips. The colour of my skate is army green. I choose this because i think it’s a striking colour for a skate, and because of my nickname. We made the plates grey, so the skate looks more like a shoe. For the frame, we choose for the new Blank frame. I’m very happy with this frame. It slides very well, is unbreakable and fits four 64mm wheels. Ran van de Kerkhof designed the logos for the skate. On the cuff you will find the logo with my given nickname “The Silent Assassin”, and on the tongue of the liner; a crown with my initials. Pretty Fresh! This is a dope colorway, not used by much other skates.”

- Sven Boekhorst from

Sven Boekhorst testing out his new Rollerblade Estilo Sven Skates in Europe.

“Shell/Upper: Bio Plastic molded shell and cuff .All removable components including: cuff/ cuff rivets. buckles/protectors. New sole plates, strap, shock absorber and liner

Liner: Specialized Street. PU shock absorber. Double padded tongue

Closure: Cuff strap. 45º steel buckle with Power Lock and laces. Extra laces in the box

Frame: New Blank, Super-Lock groove

Wheels: 2x60mm/88A + 2x 42mm anti-rocker

Bearings: SG9″

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If you haven’t yet checked out the Rollerblade website and facebook page, check out the links below and give them a like on facebook.

Rollerblade Estilo Sven B Aggressive Skates 2012

Rollerblade Estilo SB Green skates were designed in collaboration with Pro Team Rider Sven Boekhorst. The SB Green uses high quality bioplastics with renewable raw materials to reduce greenhouse gasses while still maintaining durability. 

The Rollerblade Estilo SB Green Skates allow you to grind away at the earth and its obstacles, all while helping to do your part to save it.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: 07207000T78
  • Level: Designed to withstand Pro Level skating and Skaters. Suitable for enjoyment at any level.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Rollerblade skates generally fit true to size. Sized in men's sizing.


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