PHOTO JOURNAL: Kiku Comino #1 // 마크 모레노(Marc Moreno), ONE, 님(NIMH) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

You might be wondering why it’s me writing this PHOTO JOURNAL instead of the photographer who shot the picture. Well, that’s part of the message itself. I’ve been experiencing a change in life, mostly through my friend’s lives. Not everybody can afford to skate all day, 24/7, as we were used to doing a couple of years ago. People grow and so do responsibilities. Kiku, likemany others, has to work to pay his dues and is working right now while I write these lines. Well, if rollerblading became a physiological necessity to you as it has become after years for us, you know you always find time in your tight-ass schedule to session with your friends. You need it, and it’s what makes your life happier. So even being as busy as you think you are, pick up your skates and go session. I’ll be sessioning with him tomorrow to contribute my part to this little culture we have. You must remember these are the moments you live for and the moments you will keep when you fade away. Do what gives sense to your life. — Marc Moreno Segura