Youth 프레임(Frame) 간단 리뷰 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

the frame to the left is how far the plastic melted / tore after literally skating 1 rail frames were new and after 1 rail i was literally grinding on the bolts you could even smell it as if it was burning..

the picture on the right is obviously of the crackes that shows 3 cracks but there are 4 all happened in the same spot the frame on the right has 2 cracks the frame on the left has 1 shown and 1 by the other wheel

Posted by: theDON

금방 갈려서 액슬 대가리로 그라인드 되고

1, 4번 바퀴 쪽은 깨지고...

한숨 나오는 프레임, 그것은 Youth -_-