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님(Nimh) 샤먼(Shaman) 커스텀(Custom) Skate // 샤만

Nimh Shaman custom skate #1 shown with the following; Stock Nimh liner, Black Souls, Create Originals John Bolino Frame, Denial John Bolino pro outer and inner wheel.오~프레임 옆에다 전광판(?)을 달아 놓은 것 같다. +_...

님(NIMH) 샤먼(SHAMAN) Team Skate // 샤만

NIMH SHAMAN Team Skate Features: Designed by Brian Shima & Jon Elliott - 100% Skater Owned Limited Edition Model - 500 Pairs Available in the US NEW 2.0 SOUL - Extended Heel Wing, Pre-Grooved Ba...

님(Nimh) 샤먼(Shaman) Pro Complete 스케이트(Skates) // 샤만, AM, AMall

The Shaman skate is the newest edition from Nimh that features an amazing looking skin with a nice combination of black parts with orange highlights.  The Shaman will help summon and bring out ...

Chad Hornish - Rail and Park Edit // 님(NIMH)

Chad Hornish - Rail and Park Edit Short edit of Chad Hornish blading on a rail and then at a park. Filmed in one day/night. Filmed and Edited by Ryan Buchanan 이 친구도 느낌 괜찮음. ^^

님(NIMH) SHAMAN // 조이 체이스(Joey Chase)

으오옷!!! 요렇게 보니까 예쁘다!!!! +_+

Matty Schrock - 360 Soul sequence // 님(NIMH), 캐절티(Casualty)

Matty just hit me up with this 3 Soul sequence in Nashville, TN.누런 님도 나름 느낌 있네욤!!!!! +_+

NEW Revolution Thursday Night Skate "Quick Hits" edit - with 조이 체이스(Joey Chase)

빡센 조이횽!

Chad Hornish - Leftovers from CREEP // 님(NIMH)

An edit I put together of Chad Hornish's leftover clips from my next video 'CREEP' 잘 탄다~!!! -o-

New 님(Nimhs) Better Pic // Shaman 1

스킨의 재단(?)은 나쁘지 않은데...과하게 밋밋한 듯. -_-;;;

제레미 스파이라(Jeremy Spira) - stale 360 at the Brooklyn Banks in NYC // 님(NIMH)

Jeremy Spira - stale 360 at the Brooklyn Banks in NYC
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