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샤먼(Shaman) lands in the UK // 님(NIMH), 샤만

Roll the line between good and evil with the new UK Edition SHAMAN skate from NIMH. Combining mystical properties of strength and style, the SHAMAN features a sleek, new over-skin, the latest NIMH s...

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 커스텀(Custom) // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

Posted by : SKy오호라~

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) Complete // 샤만, 이그니션(Ignition)

NIMH Shaman CompleteDescription:Firma: NimhProduct: Shaman CompleteColour: Orange shell and cuff with black leather skinRoll the line between good and evil with the new SHAMAN skate from NIMH. Combi...

가브리엘 하이든(Gabriel Hyden) Welcome to 님(Nimh), Gabriel Hyden's first session after recovery Nimh Edit

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.We are very happy to introduce Gabriel Hyden to the Nimh Family. We have always been huge fans of Gabriel as a skater and as a person. It is an honor to have him in our ranks.알리 숏......

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 센스 커스텀(Custom) // 샤만

Matt Langel "The Foz" - San Clemente, CAcustom nimh shaman, gc prime frames, vicious spider liners

유럽판 님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman). 그리고 V.1, V.2 라이너 비교 // 샤만

미국판과 달리커프가 블랙이고라이너가 시마 V.1 꺼라고.... ㄷㄷㄷ이에 불만을 품은 razor_dave의 댓글 열전!1. I have skated the V1 liners, they are the extremely cheap shitty liners that have next to no padding and are really uncomfy.I don...

Dean Coward, Adam Brierley, Brian Shima // 발로(Valo), 님(NIMH)

dean front torqueadam ao top acid full staleadam 0makio to cross puddersadam 0makio to cross pudders 2amiramadiAdam Brierley브라이언 시마(Brian Shima) - 페레렐 그랩 프론트 토크(Parallel Grabbed Front Torque)?Brian ...

제레미 스파이라(Jeremy Spira) 님(NIMH) 샤먼(SHAMAN) Edit - First Sessions // 샤만

NEW Jeremy Spira NIMH SHAMAN Edit - First SessionsSPIRA received his new NIMH SHAMAN skates from Rat-Tail. Check out Spira's Revolution Set-up Photo.Billy O'Neill also sent Spira a set of CREATE ORI...

존 볼리노(John Bolino) 바이브라럭스(Vibralux) Intro // 존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino), 바이브라룩스, 님(NIMH)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.It's official Team Vibralux had another kid.Cameras:Adam JohnsonBlake CohenSean KelsoColin KelsoAustin PazJason Reyna여유 넘치는 스타~일!장래를 기대하지 않을 수 없는 스케이터!!게다가 훈남!!!

레이저(Razors) 컬트(Cult)에 님(NIMH) 소울플레이트 커스텀(Custom)

엥? 그냥 되나? -o-a
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