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My “임페리얼(Imperial)” diary – imperial vs. 카본(Carbon) 2 // 다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell), USD

* 요점만 번역했습니다. ^^;;I guess this is going to end up as a kind of review for the new USD imperial. Im gonna check out the skate for some weeks and keep posting how it works and eventually come up with ...

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 커스텀(Custom)

Posted by: ricardo85x model → Daniel Prell 2009Frame → Ground Control F1, Block blueBearing → Bones Swiss 6 ballsPlates → USD Classic Throne Souls blue and WhiteCuff → USD Pro Team V-Cut Cuff blueL...

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) and the New USD 카본(Carbon) (Extended Version).

Followed on from Newsletter 4, Out Today! Check your inboxes! Daniel Prell has been one of our most consistent skaters of the decade, tirelessly churning out clips, photos and edits even though the ...

USD - 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell)

USD 카본 화이트 테스팅하느라 수고가 많다며USD 싸장님께서 클드론 모델 하나 뽑아주셨습니다?

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) With White USD 카본(Carbons)

Daniel Prell With White USD Carbons디자인 안습 ㅠ_ㅠ손목 붕대랑 완전 깔맞춤 ㄷㄷㄷ*** 090918 내용 추가 ***some statements:This is a prototype. Skatecompanies give prototypes to their riders to find out what needs to be imp...

USD 다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) Pro 커스텀(Custom) Skate // 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

USD Prell Pro custom skate #1 shown with; Trust Catalyst liners white, stock white cuffs, white souls, GC featherlite 2 frames white, Denial pro team outer wheel, GC anti-rocker inner wheels, and wh...

USD 다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) Pro 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) Skate // AM, AMall

The Daniel Prell Pro Classic Throne skate from USD is an excellently priced pro skate for under $200.00 at a time when most pro skates are at the $300.00 level.To start things off this classic thron...

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) 2007 mix - Never Ending bonus

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.This is a bonus file from Mr. Springs movie "Never Ending"

Hey Dude 3 "Back in the Day" Section Directors Cut

Hey Dude 3 "Back in the Day" Section Directors Cut추억의 다니엘 프렐과 베니 하마누스가 쵸큼 나옴.

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) in b/w - tree stall // USD

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