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레이저(RAZORS) SL 드레 파웰(Dre Powell) 2 *Complete* // 드레 파월, Grindhouse, AM, Revolution, RW

RAZORS Dre Powell 2Following tradition Dre Powell choose a soft boot design also for his second pro skate. He completely redesigned the skin, chose suede leather and made it an integral part of the ...

레이저(Razors) SL 드레 파웰(Dre Powell) 2

One of my friends in Germany just posted this up, out of the Grindhouse winter catalogue.I think they would look better with a black cuff, but think its cool they put a soft top on the boot, that's ...

레이저(Razors) "Game Theory" Feature - 09/07/06

This is it... The most anticipated extreme sports DVD of the year: "Game Theory" The 2009 Razors Team Feature DVD. Starring Brian Aragon, Mike "Murda Johnson, Dre Powell, Don Bambrick, Stefan Horng...