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Revolution Team Rider 케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland) - Backside Attempt in Scottsdale, AZ

Revolution Team Rider Casey McFarland - Backside Attempt in Scottsdale, AZ높이부터가 후덜덜;;;;

커스텀(Custom) Blue 발로(Valo) AB.1 // 레볼루션(Revolution)

Brandon Cunji - Chicago, IL브로스코한테 얻은 파란 베이스 플레이트라고... -.-

John Bolino & Jon Jon Bolino, Jeremy Spira, Joey Chase // 님(NIMH), 레볼루션(Revolution), 아리조나(Arizona)

John Bolino & Jon Jon BolinoRevolution Team Rider Jeremy Spira - fence soul stall transfer soulRevolution Team Rider Joey Chase - Wallride 180 in AZ

"Quick Hits" with 조이 체이스(Joey Chase) in Tucson // 님(NIMH), 레볼루션(Revolution)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Joey skates the famous school in Tucson, Arizona that DL skated in Brain Fear Gone. We were here for about 5 minutes before it got dark so that Joey could do a couple tricks for fun.

케이시 맥파랜드(CASEY McFARLAND) – Photo by 오스틴 파즈(Austin Paz) // 님(NIMH), 레볼루션(Revolution)

Austin Paz gave Casey a little motivation to do this back royale drop back royale to fakie in Arizona. We filmed some last minute deals for the Roccity Arizona 2010 Edit yesterday. This was the fina...

레볼루션(Revolution) 90 seconds with 케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland) // 님(NIMH)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Revolution 90 seconds with Casey McFarlandFourth installment of our new series of edits.Shot and edited By: Kyle SmithCamera: Canon 7d 님으로 제7의 전성기를 찾길!!!케이시 횽, 화이팅!!

케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland) - soul 270 sequence


NEW Revolution Thursday Night Skate "Quick Hits" edit - with 조이 체이스(Joey Chase)

빡센 조이횽!

Andrew Scheft, Brent Henderson, Chad Hornish // 레볼루션(Revolution)

Andrew Scheft - bank to sweatstance in ArizonaBrent Henderson (valo) - 180 at Arizona State UniversityChad Hornish (nimh) - Soyale in Arizona

레볼루션(Revolution) Team Rider 케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland)- Soul up and Around Bowl Corner in Deutschland

Revolution Team Rider Casey McFarland - Soul up and Around Bowl Corner in DeutschlandPool and Pull Tour 2009
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