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발로(VALO) V13 10th Anniversary // Grindhouse, AM, eRolling, RW, 어그레시브 인라인

VALO V13 10th AnniversaryFor their 10th anniversary VALO present you the "naked truth"!The VALO V13 is a VALO TV without the well known Leatherskin. Without that skin the skate looks smaller and it ...

New 로체스(Roces) M12 카드라 통신! // 마제스틱(Majestic) 12

Can t say too much for the moment but they reworked the liner and the frame. For the colorway it s a classic colorway for the boot and a "new" colorway for the soul. Price Will be cool too. Posted b...

로체스(Roces) M-12 토우컷(Toe Cut) // 마제스틱(Majestic) 12, 발로(Valo)

I finally downsized a shell on my M12's. Now I'm riding an 8-9 shell. Well known fact, the M12's run small. My toes were so painfully squeezed together I could barely skate half an hour until the pa...

로체스(Roces) 마제스틱(Majestic) 12 (카이저(Kizer) 플루이드(Fluid) Teal Setup) BLACK skate // M12, AM, Amall

The Majestic 12 "Kizer Fluid Teal Setup" skate is assembled by Aggressivemall and features top notch parts starting with Kizer Fluid 2010 frames that include 8mm axles and a perfect out of the box g...

발로(VALO) TV.1

Valo TV.1 Grey/BlackValo TV.1 BlackRoces M12 UFS Black사용기는 아래에...

케이시 바고찌(Casey Bagozzi) // 로체스(Roces)

Backslide AO fishAO top acidSoul TransferTop Acid TransferFishVert WallAG+RS+VE+ML로체스(Roces) M12 에 트러스트(Trust) 라이너!!!! -o-)/

로체스(Roces) 마제스틱(Majectic) 12 Originals White

These are original Roces Majestic 12 skates in the white colourway. Size 8.5 US. These came with additional soul-plates, which was unexpected. White boot, black frames, red grind-plates.Posted by: ...

로체스(Roces) - 마제스틱(Majestic) 12, Size: 41 (260mm)

Custom Roces. Suited with a new frame and soulplate. Without frame and wheels just € 55,-- New black Roces soulplate- New white Kizer Type M frame

로체스(ROCES) M12 화이트(WHITE)

ROCES WHITE M12 Features: Memory Buckle New UFS Soul System Slow Memory Foam Liner Roces UFS Frame Roces 56/89 Hyper Wheels FREE FIFTY-50 Grind Plates included

로체스(Roces) 마제스틱(Majestic) XII // M12

I just got these. I'll be adding anti-rockers on them soon. Of course if I manage to get some Valo skins and souls I'll do that as well. I have no clue what release version these M12's are. I only k...