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PHOTO JOURNAL: Kiku Comino #1 // 마크 모레노(Marc Moreno), ONE, 님(NIMH)

You might be wondering why it’s me writing this PHOTO JOURNAL instead of the photographer who shot the picture. Well, that’s part of the message itself. I’ve been experiencing a change in life, most...

SSM 마크 모레노(Marc Moreno) 커스텀(Custom) Skate // AM, Revolution

Sample #1: SSM Marc Moreno Custom shown with; SSM white souls, Kizer Fluid 4 white frames, Undercover Demetrios George 2012 outer wheels, and GC red anti-rocker inner wheels. Sample #2: SSM Marc Mor...

SSM 마크 모레노(Marc Moreno) Pro Complete // Revolution, Bakerized, Grindhouse, AM, RW

SSM MARC MORENO Pro Skate Features: -Designed by Europe's Marc Moreno - Black/White Colorway -NEW SSM Soulplate - Extended Heel Wing, Pre-Grooved Backslide, Streamlined Toe Area for Improved Look. -...