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NEW REVOLUTION 조이 체이스(Joey Chase) Desktop Now Up! // 님(NIMH), 시마(Shima), 배경화면, 바탕화면

Revolution Team Rider Joey Chase is featured in a NEW Revolution Desktop.Joey did this back fastslide in Florida at 10 AM, first spot, first trick, and landed it 3rd try - insane. You can see the cl...

빌리 오닐(Billy O’Neill) 월페이퍼(Wallpaper) // 원(ONE), The Truth 2, 배경화면, 바탕화면

We posted this on our Facebook page yesterday (hint, hint), so dress your digital workspace up with this massive Mute 540 from Fish’s issue #16 interview. Read the whole thing here, and thank Jero f...

SOTY 존 존 볼리노(Jon Jon Bolino) Wallpaper // 존 볼리노(John Bolino), 원(ONE) 매거진, 님(NIMH)

We posted this on our Facebook page earlier today but figured it would only be fair to bring it over to the main site. It’s been a long time since we made a wallpaper (our bad), but now we have so e...

Lomax Wallpaper // 킹덤(Kingdom), USD, 닉 로막스(Nick Lomax), 로맥스, 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

Happy Tuesday, download the latest Kingdom wallpaper featuring Nick Lomax with a sunny day.

KDM 월페이퍼(Wallpaper) // Kingdom, Mike Welland, 바탕화면, 배경화면, 레이저(Razors) 제네시스(Genesys)

Happy Tuesday night, here’s the 2nd instalment in our Kingdom Classics wallpapers. It’s Mike Welland 270ing a hip in SheffieldShot : The Oracle* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.The Rain - Mike Welland (2006)

Kingdom Wallpapers - Leon Humphries

Check out our first instalment of the Kingdom Classics wallpapers. Right click and download this exclusive shot of Leon Humphries floating an air above the clockwork orange banks in London. Shot : T...

스트리트 아티스트(Street Artist) Urethane Wallpapers // 바탕화면, 배경화면

마지막 꺼는 윈도우즈 XP 기본 화면 패러디인감? ㅎㅎ

알렉스 브로스코(Alex Broskow) 월페이퍼(Wallpaper) // 원매거진(OneMagazine), 발로(Valo)

Geez, it’s been a long time since we offered up any desktop wallpaper designs, so we figured it was time to get back to it. Here’s a little number you might recognize from Alex’s Skater of the Year ...

크리스 파머(Chris Farmer) - Issue 32 Wallpaper - 09/03/31 // 샤도(Xsjado)

Below you see that Chris Farmer can bust out inverts. He told me not to film this since it was going to be in the 4x4 video. Maybe next time I won't liksten to him. - AJ해상도별 파일은 아래에...

Issue 32 몬트레 리빙스턴(Montre Livingston) Wallpaper // 비맥(Be-Mag), 님(NIMH), 디나이얼(Denial)

It's been a long time now since I’ve heard my old friends from North Carolina speak of this kid named Montre. We would usual take an annual trip down south and link up with Dre Powell, Will Gordon a...
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