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USD 카본(Carbon) 2 화이트(White) 분해!! ㄷㄷㄷ // 카본 1, 내부 구조

The end of a beautiful friendship - carbon 2 strip down. wall of text, not many pics.아름다운 우정의 끝 - 카본 2 홀랑 벗기기. 스압 주의. 사진은 많지 않음.Well it's the end for my carbon 2s and I thought is would about the in...

레이저(Razors) 제네시스(Genesys) 7 Skate Exploded // 어글, 어그레시브, 인라인, 분해, 부품

Ok so the skate has not literally been blown up in one of those huge cinematic Terminator 4 explosions.We had taken this picture a while back for fun because it shows all of the parts of the Razor G...