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Aarin's New Skates + HD Test // 아린 게이츠(Aarin Gates), 샤도(Xsjado)

just messin around and tryin out my new skates and Dave's new camera.... oOoOoOOOOooooooO preetttttyyyy!!! =)

JC Rowe’s Custom 샤도(Xsjado) Strap-Setup

As you saw in my V-cut tutorial, I always cut my skates to open up a new range of motion. This new concept I’ve got has been working really well at fixing one problem I’ve always had with my Xsjados...

다니엘 프렐(Daniel Prell) takes a holiday in 샤도(Xsjado) land

wallstall to fakiemute transfertransfer topsoulrodeo 360flatspin 360 luikangao topsoul all the waymute air540 luikangsize 42 (270 mm) - m frame