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렘즈(Remz) OS4 블루(Blue) 커스텀(Custom) // 샤도(Xsjado) 풋랩(Footwrap)

REMZ OS4 BLUE Cuztom & Tenis XsjadoPosted by: xsjado.fc 발가락쪽 스트랩이 없어서 타기 힘들 듯? -.-a렘즈 특유의 안쪽으로 장착된 프레임 + 풋랩 밑창 두께 + 카이저 엘리먼트 프레임의 높이 ... 로 인해서... 서 있기도 불편할 듯??? ㄷㄷ같은 분의 것으로 보이는 셋업 사진은 ...

K2 바시티(Varsity) tryout 커스텀(Custom) // 샤도(Xsjado) 소울 플레이트(Soulplate)

just someone of my old boots and old soulplate just for checking how they fits and works ...K2 size 10, soulplate size Small, frame size Small next time Medium Podted by: B-Industry 우왁.. ㅋㅋ공포의 지상고.

샤도(XSJADO) 스켈레톤(Skeleton) Only 2011 // Grindhouse, RW, AM, Hedonskate, Bakerized

XSJADO Skeleton Only 2011XSJADO offers also BootOnly without footwraps.If you already own XSJADO Footwraps you can save a lot of money with this offer!The Skeleton comes in 2 sizes only:M (UK 4-8,5 ...

샤도(XSJADO) 아방(Avant) Complete // 아반트, Grindhouse, RW, Hedonskate, Bakerized, AM

XSJADO AvantThe skate comes in perfect balanced black/white colour combination.The Soulframes and Soulplates are removeable, of course. Instead of innerboots (liners) all XSJADO Skates have regular ...

뉴 포뮬라(Formula) 1 프레임(Frame) !? // 그라운드 컨트롤(Ground Control), GC, F1-XS, BCSD Tradeshow

there was also new....or...i guess just improved formula 1 ground controls....they made the h block bigger...made the sidewalls thicker so the bolts are more recessed.... they looked pretty much the...

Mike Obedoza // 샤도(Xsjado) 데미안 윌슨(Damien Wilson) 2, SkittishSynapses

Mike Obedoza - Launch up bank, mute 180San Pedro, CA. Shot for Obe's ONE Blade Life Interview - info: 580ex set at 1/2 on a stand laid flat and sandbagged precari...

COVER BOY: 크리스 파머(Chris Farmer) // 샤도(Xsjado), 원(One)

Chris Farmer switch “under” sweatstances his way into two-fer territory shared only with Shima.

샤도(Xsjado) 크리스 파머(Chris Farmer), 데미언 윌슨(Damien Wilson) (SL Setup) Skate WHITE // AM, AMall

The Chris Farmer (SL Setup) skate comes with white Kizer Slim Line frames, USD Black Ops pro team 57mm 90a outer wheels with ABEC 5 bearings and Undercover 48mm nylon anti-rockers.  Strap these...

샤도(Xsjado) - 제프 스탁웰(Jeff Stockwell) 2010 블루(blue)

Xsjado - Jeff Stockwell 2010 blue GC - Featherlite 2 Freestyle+ JC Rowe Hightop sneakerPosted by: krejcca

Introducing 니콜라스 샤퍼(? Nicolas Schopfer) as UC Am for 2011 // 언더커버(Undercover), 샤도(Xsjado)

A warm welcome to the Swiss styler Nicolas Schopfer who joins Jeremy on the 2011 Am team for UC. Also special mention goes out to his outstanding skating at this year’s Winterclash!Check back tomorr...
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