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님(Nimh) 샤먼(Shaman) 2 화이트(White) 커스텀(Custom) Skate // AM, AMall

Nimh Shaman 2 custom skate #1 shown with the following; Red Nimh souls, GC featherlite 2 black frames, 4x4 Shima pro outer wheels, GC black anti rocker inner wheels, and Sifika red and black liner.N...

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 화이트(White) 지름 인증 // 레볼루션(Revolution)

Kris Troyer (Custom NIMH White Shaman) - Phoenix, AZSitha (Custom NIMH White Shaman) - Phoenix, AZKenny Scherf (Custom NIMH White Shaman) - Phoenix, AZKolby (NIMH White Shaman) - Phoenix, AZJon Jenk...

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 화이트(White) 좀 탄 거 // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

Can't decide whether to keep the red souls, or put the white ones back on. Posted by : USD Dave 아... 순백 상태 유지는 어렵쿠나!

커스텀(CUSTOM) 님(NIMH) 화이트(WHITE) 샤먼(SHAMAN) // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals), 레볼루션(Revolution)


shaman 2's // 님(NIMH) 샤먼

liners are much betterskate feels a little more flexibe (new plastic)really really really good them!csbsz 8 Posted by : eljoey159 라이너 개선더 유연해진 느낌 (플라스틱 재질 변화?)레알 굳 디자인csb... -_-?

님(Nimh) 샤먼(Shaman) 2 White, 올리 숏(Oli Short) 커스텀(Custom) Skate // AM, AMall

Nimh Shaman 2 White Custom SkateNimh Shaman 2 custom skate #1 shown with the following; Red GC featherlite 2 frames, Eulogy Franco Cammayo pro disaster outer wheels, GC red anti-rocker inner wheels,...

님(Nimh) 샤먼(Shaman) 2 Skates 화이트(White) // AM, AMall, RW

Nimh breaks out their new Shaman 2 skates with a collision of red and black highlights on an all white boot.  A perfect skate for you to roll on in your next online edit, so get to it and start...

Fábio 'Kanina' Pereira repping the new white 님(NIMH)s // 샤먼(Shaman) 화이트(White), 포르투갈(Portugal)

Fábio Pereira, the upcoming Portugese talent, is representing Nimh in his home country. Check out his inaugural edit here. We went skating today and this is Fábio "Kanina" Pereira's first tricks wit...