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Route One - Zak Buys // 님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.An afternoon with Celtic warrior Zak Buys잘 밀리는 둥근 렛지가 부럽쿠나!!

콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso)에게 USD란?

(빌리 오닐한테?) USD를 관두라고 조언 중. ㅋUSD를 떠나지 못하는 빌리가 딱하시다고... ㅋㅋF**k U... SD !?*** 2010년 6월 3일 내용 추가 ***What is your situation right now about representing brands...?I quit USD because Mark Korte is a reall...

님(Nimh) 에콰도르(Ecuador) Roller Tour // South America Tour, Be-Mag

Nimh Ecuador Roller Tour몬트레횽 등장! :D님! 파이야~* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Nimh South America Tour part #1In early April, Jon Bolino, Montre Livingston, and Jero embarked on a Nimh Tour to South America. The scene b...

New 님(Nimh) Skates At Bcsd // 샤먼(Shaman)

님! 넘버 원~마지막 사진 프레임에 Oli Short 이라고 써 있고Shima said that they are doing a UK release on the oli short skate to boost popularity in the uk, they are only making 100 pairs in the us, and 500 in the uk 요런...

Enanoh (Marc Moreno) // 님(NIMH), 샤먼(Shaman) 커스텀(Custom)

WINTER WONDERLAND TOUR – JEFF STOCKWELL AND WORAPOJ BOONNIM “NOTE” IN BARCELONA, DAY 6. SUN, SUN, SUN!!Blus skies, blue skates, happy days. The crew hooked up with Enanoh (Marc Moreno) who took them...


* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Mineroh and Enanoh shredding the streets of Barcelona on their Nimh Shaman's. Marc Moreno Adria Saa얘네들도 좀 헐렁헐렁한데!? -.-a뽕스텀의 복음을 전파해주고 싶구만.잊지않겠다. NIMH 버클... ㄷㄷㄷ

님(Nimh) - 샤먼(Shaman) // hedonskate

발목 둘레 뽕이 그리 두툼한 편은 아닌 듯!?!? -o-aNimh - Shaman Liner One pair of Nimh - Shaman Liner in set.

몬트레 리빙스턴(Montre Livingston) - 540 // 님(NIMH)

Shot on tour in Pittsburgh last year.© Drew Amato나중에 안 거지만...이 친구, Be-Mag 비됴... Cities Re... 어쩌고 하는 거에도 잠깐 나왔더만. ㅎㅎ - 5 On It - Montre LivingstonFootageTape - I Got 5 On It...

AZRZ Blade Edit #18 - Pecos Park with Kenny Scherf // 님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman)

http://www.azrz.wordpress.comOne night of Kenny blading at Pecos Skatepark with his new Nimhs.Filmed and edited by Ryan Buchanan

샤먼(Shaman) lands in the UK // 님(NIMH), 샤만

Roll the line between good and evil with the new UK Edition SHAMAN skate from NIMH. Combining mystical properties of strength and style, the SHAMAN features a sleek, new over-skin, the latest NIMH s...
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