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크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) Pro 팀(Team)

원본 파일:After all the years Brian, Hakeem, and I have put into skating, the fact that we can be a part of something that we made, which adds to the maturity and growth of skating, is an amazing thing....

션 켈소(Sean Kelso) 프로토타입(Prototypes). Update! // USD, UFS 드론(Throne)

그 전에 풀렸던 사진은 아래에...USD UFS 드론(Throne) 션 켈소(Sean Kelso) 프로모델(Pro Model) 프로토타입(Prototype)

USD UFS 드론(Throne) 션 켈소(Sean Kelso) 프로모델(Pro Model) 프로토타입(Prototype)

1. hopefully sean kelso's new glow in the dark skate will be out then too 2.3. I read somewhere that kelso said they would not go into production, and that they were a one-off custom he requested. I...

션 켈소(Sean Kelso) - Top Mistrial // 데쉬(Deshi) 카본(Carbon)

sb600 and a vivitar 285. 데쉬 카본 너무 좋아하신다~ 으이그~Say HelloTo the first image off my new d700 with a grip :)natty light** this is not me 

USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 션 켈소(Sean Kelso) pro skate. SIZE 6 ONLY! // AM, AMall

One of the best-looking USD's ever is finally here! This high class USD is for none other than USD pro Sean Kelso and it features USD's first double laced soft-top mixed with black, white, and Carol...
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