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PARK GRINDING BY 알버트 후이(ALBERT HOOI) // 에릭 퍼킷(Eric Perkett), SKI, BHC

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.FILMED BY DOM SAGONA - EDITED BY ALBERT HOOIBit of park grinding for Ski and Al.Albert hit his head for the second time of our america trip this day and resulted in a few days in the...

에릭 퍼킷(Eric Perkett) // Ski, 레이저(Razors) SL, ONE

조만간 영상도 뜨려나? 학학

Perkett's Purple Pink-y // 에릭 퍼킷(Eric Perkett), 레이저(Razors)

Lil Ski took a solid lick last night in the mini taking out his right hand, dislocating his baby finger, ripping into a few ligaments, and breaking skin on his palm with the bone...friggin grrooooos...

에릭 퍼킷(Eric Perkett) // Ski