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롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo) // 에스틸로

Right - got these for a bargain - complete from route one for £105.98 with next day postagethink route one screwed up or had some sorta dodgy sale on coz when i got em these were cheapest and the lo...

롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 간단평!

1. i dont own em, but a couple of my friends have a pair and i skate em alotpros: lightfast solesbig solescomfy linersnice flexcons:i dont like the strap at the topnot much protection at the 45 buck...

롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo), 트라이브(Tribe), 에라(Era) Skate

Rollerblade Solo Estilo SkateRollerblade Solo Tribe SkatesRollerblade Solo Era Skates프로 스케이터가 샵 광고영상은 왜 찍은 거지... -.-a

존 스티픈슨(? John Stephens) // 롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo)

John Stephens:First day with RB EstilosDipskate's John Stephens tests out brand new Rollerblade Estilo Skates while rolling solo in the Bronx... John Stephens- TRS Estilos - One WeekOne week wi...

팀 테일러(Tim Taylor) RB 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo) Impact Test

Tim Taylor RB Solo Estilo Impact Test예전에 TRS 타던 횽 같은데~

롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) 이스틸로(Estilo) 스케이트(Skate) // AM, AMall

Rollerblade reintroduces their highly acclaimed Estilo named skate on their brand new Solo skate system that was developed and tested by their hard working pro team.  The RB Solo Estilo skates ...
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