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Julian Bah, Erick Rodriguez가 샤도(Xsjado)로 이적!? -o-a

Julian Bah - 270 BS FarfErick Rodriguez - 270 Unity(으잉?? -_-a)아래는 J Bah 가 레이저 팀에서 짤리던 때의 글.레이저(Razors) 팀에서 짤린 Julian Bah -.-;; http://comablade.eglo...

레이저(Razors) 팀에서 짤린 Julian Bah -.-;;

뭐야... 막 짜르네. -,-;;;뭔 일 있었남??oh and no ones gonna pick him up rollerblade doesnt want him demetrios george from USD hates him he doesnt fit in with valomaybe SSM lulzPosted by: theDON뭐... 이런 댓글도 달림. ...

M1 브라이언 아라곤(Brian Aragon) III Pro Wheel RED, 줄리안 바(Julian Bah) Pro Wheel YELLOW // AM, AMall

M1 Brian Aragon III Pro Wheel REDThe new M1 Brian "Prince" Aragon pro aggressive skate wheel is here with M1's new and improved urethane formula.  The M1 Aragon III pro wheel comes with detaile...

M1 우레탄(URETHANE) 줄리안 바(Julian Bah) RB wheels (72/Hard)

Description:Company: M1 Urethane Product: Julian Bah RB wheels Size: 72mmHardnes: HARD 바횽은 레이저 SL 타신다능~

쥴리안 바(Julian Bah) // 레이저(Razors), SL

backslidekindgrindparelle 180 to flattnewyorkskating

줄리안 바(? Julian Bah) Im Back // 레이저(Razors) SL Bah Im BackJ-Bah skating to his song "Im Back" 즐거워 보이네염.왕언니 헤어스타일... ㄷㄷ

줄리안 바(Julian Bah) 횽과 그의 여친!

Julian Bah with his girlfriend, Coco.