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USD VII 커스텀(Custom) // 클래식 드론(Classic Throne) 소울 플레이트(Soul Plate), 렘즈(Remz) 라이너(Liner)

USD VII 2009classic throne plates,plate size is 42skate size 41-42feet size -42,3liners - remz`08frames - kizer (stndrt)Posted by: ajossf 오호~ 그럴싸 하구나!

My New Haffey 2.0 Custom white red black // 렘즈(Remz) 크리스 하피(Chris Haffey) 2.0 커스텀

Posted by: adi-xon 굳~ :)

커스텀(Custom) 코듀로이(Corduroy) EBs // 발로(Valo) 스킨(Skin)

From Australia:Robbie sent me his homie Jarrod’s custom corduroy ebs.. possible scheme for the next models? thanks boss man..

레이저(RAZORS) G 7.1 COLORS Complete // 제네시스(Genesys), 이그니션(Ignition)

RAZORS G 7.1 COLORS CompleteDescription:Company: RazorsProduct: G 7.1 COLORS CompleteColour: Black with Red, All Black or Black with YellowOne Skate size 42 weights: 1,92KgDue to big demand Razors i...

레이저(RAZORS) G 7.2 COLORS Complete // 제네시스(Genesys), 이그니션(Ignition)

RAZORS G 7.2 COLORS CompleteDescription:Company: RazorsProduct: G 7.2 COLORS CompleteColour: White with Red, All White or White with YellowFrame: RED or WHITE Ground Control FLT II Frame (choose you...

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 화이트(White) back in stock! // 커스텀(Custom)

Would you like some serving suggestions for those Carbon 2′s Sir?Respect goes out to Kenneth Dedeu for his inspired setup skills, as always. *Please note, Carbon 2 White model comes stock with BLACK...

필라(Fila) - 스무디(Smoothy) // 커스텀(Custom), Thisissoul, USD 렐름(Realm)

Fila - Smoothy infoThis skate is very unique. It has been taken out of production a long time ago. A few years ago USD bought this model and started producing the USD - Realm.- New black Nimh soulpl...

롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) - TRS 엑세스(Access) 커스텀(Custom) // Thisissoul

Rollerblade - TRS Access infoRollerblade TRS Access with:- White Kizer Jojo Jacobi frame.- Black Razors Genesys soulplate.- White Razors Genesys backslideplate.- White Thisissoul laces.- White Razor...

로체스(Roces) 5th element 커스텀(Custom) // 제 5원소, Thisissoul

Vintage Roces 5th element customized with:- New Valo soulplates- New Kizer Carlos Pianowski M-type frame먼지 쌓인 스케시도 다시보자!

USD UFS 드론(Throne) 에보(Evo) 11 Technique Edition // 커스텀(Custom), 그라인드하우스(Grindhouse)

USD UFS Throne Evo 11 Technique EditionWe´re  offering the USD UFS Throne Evo 11 Boot Only with a touch of color with turquoise buckles, laces, cuffscrews and Dual II soulplates.  It featu...
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