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라이너가 들썩거릴 땐... 콜린 맥클로드(Colin McLeod)와 상의하세욥!

Problems with lifting liners?Colin McLeod came up with an effective solution: He drilled a whole through the cuff all the way through the liner and tightened them with a bolt and screw. No more lift...

Iain + Colin Mcleod Fontana Comp Edit // 레이저(Razors) SL, USD 카본(Carbon)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Iain and Colin Murdering shit in one Epic Session.ACHOSEN-FEW.COMROCKILLERS.COMIain took First Place and Best Trick. 우왕굳~!콜린의 쫙-벌 착지가 인상 깊구만 -.-;;;대회 사진은 아래에...Colin Mcleod - True po...