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USD 세븐(Seven) 클랜(Clan) 블랙(Black) 2013 // Grindhouse, 어그레시브 인라인

USD Seven Clan Black 2013The USD VII is a very good skate for beginners, as it possesses all the features of the expensive "big brothers" - comfortable liner, all wearing parts are replaceable and l...

USD 렐름(Realm) 팀(Team) Black, 클랜(Clan) White // Grindhouse, Hedonskate, RW

USD Realm Team BlackThe USD Realm - Perfect for stepping into Aggressive Skating.This new version of the USD Realm comes in completely black with big USD Logo on the cuff. It features a robust plast...

USD 렐름(Realm) 클랜(Clan) black/grey // 리얼름, Grindhouse, Ignition, Hedonskate, RW

The USD product for stepping into Aggressive Skating comes now in black/grey look. Robust plasticshell with stitched skin at the cuff. New designed big replaceable soulframe, comfortable USD liner, ...