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매튜 르도(Mathieu Ledoux) - Turque // SSM, 페스터(Fester)

매튜 르도(Mathieu Ledoux) - Turque으힠! 반바지에 정강이 보호대 패션인가!? -o-a

Fester Pro Damien Wilson – Tru TopSoul // 데미언 윌슨, 샤도(Xsjado), 페스터

Fester Pro Damien Wilson Desktop (1280×800) – Tru TopSoul – Photo: Steve Steinmetz

커스텀(Custom) USD 카본(Carbon) 3 돈 뱀브릭(Don Bambrick) Skates // RW

Check it out, we got some Custom USD Carbon 3 Bambrick Skates, the brand new skate from USD. The difference between this skate and all the other Carbon 2′s is that they made the cuff area a little t...

페스터(FESTER) 조이 체이스(JOEY CHASE) 59 // 휠(Wheel), Revolution, AM

FESTER JOEY CHASE 59 features 59MM Round Profile, Fester Street Formula Clear Urethane, Double Sided Wheel Print - FESTER ICON Graphic on the inside, FESTER Joey Chase Graphic on the outside, and FE...