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렘즈(Remz) 08 One 커스텀(Custom) // 0801, 트러스트(Trust) 라이너(Liner)

렘즈(Remz) 08 원(One) 미디움(Medium; 260-270mm(US 8-9) 공용) 쉘(Shell) // 0801+ 레이저(Razors) SL 브라이언 아라곤(Brian Aragon) 2 커프(Cuff)+ 트러스트(Trust) 카탈리스트(Catalyst) 라이너(Liner) 화이트(White) 260mm(US 8) // I ♡ Trust :D...

RW에 렘즈(Remz) 0801 260mm(US 8) 등장!!!

가격도 단돈 129 달러!!!! :D제품 사진은 아래에...렘즈(Remz) 0801 Skate // 08원(One), AM, AMall

렘즈(REMZ) 08-One 커스텀(Custom) Skate // 0801, AM, AMall

Remz 0801 custom skate #1 shown with; Remz turquoise one piece souls, Remz turquoise backslide plate, GC featherlite 2 freestyle black frames, and Undercover Nick Lomax pro outer wheel.Remz 0801 cus...

렘즈(Remz) 0801 Skate // 08원(One), AM, AMall

Meet the newest freedom-of-feet weapon for the holidays: the new Remz 08one-team featuring a powerful mix of dark grey and black to stand out in the white season. Backed by an untouchable team inclu...