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닐스 얀손스(NILS JANSONS) - 렘즈(remz) 09-1 // 09One, 09원

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.NILS JANSONS testing out his new remz 09-1 and takes first place in Tallinn...remz.comhedonskate.comtherolling.lvbhcwheels.comnov.2009 Nils - Ao FishyNils doing a grabbed ao fishy in...

Juul+Wagner+Wood | 렘즈(Remz) | Nov09 // OS3, 0901, 09One, 09원

Remz pros Jacob Juul and Dominik Wagner visiting Woodster in Santee California for a few days.. November 2009.Filmed and Edited by Woodster, Music by "Moonglow359".

렘즈(Remz) 09-원(One) 라이너(Liners) // AM, AMall, 0901, 0803, Team

If you are in need of replacement liners for your Remz skates, these new 009-One Remz liners are just for you.  The 0803 Remz liners feature V-Cut compliance, light weight sock fit and anatomic...

렘즈(Remz) 09-원(One) Skate // 0901, AM, AMall

Meet the ultimate blading weapon in disguise. The new 09-1 by Remz. For this all-new release, Remz updated every component of their winning freedom-of-feet formula: the 09-1 liner is stuffed with ne...

렘즈(Remz) 09원(One) 달라진 점!? // 0901, 쉘 옆구리 보강 방법!

좍좍 찢어지는 쉘 바깥쪽 옆구리는 보강 안 된 듯 -_- ㄴ 2010.01.28 내용 추가 - 쉘 옆구리가 찢어진 경우에는 아래의 방법으로 보강하시면 됩니다. ^^                 ...

렘즈(REMZ) 09원(ONE) // 0901

REMZ 09ONE Features: Original Remz Freedom-of-Feet Skate Concept NEW Design - UPDATED Outer Materials and Patterns NEW Remz Liner w/ NEW Insole Rear Lacing System GC Featherlite 2 Frame -Superlight,...

렘즈(Remz) Team 09 One Prototypes (?) // 0901

아직까진 정체불명... 이나 뭐 이번에도 그대로 나오겠지 뭐 -_-a
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