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USD 세븐(Seven) 클랜(Clan) 그레이(Grey) // gray, 7, VII, Grindhouse, Hedonskate, 어그레시브 인라인 스케이트

USD Seven Clan GreyThe USD VII is a very good skate for beginners, as it possesses all the features of the expensive "big brothers" - comfortable/high-qulity liner, all wearing parts are replaceable...

USD 세븐(Seven) 블랙(Black) // 7, VII, Grindhouse, RW, 어그레시브 인라인 스케이트

USD Seven Black 2013The USD VII is designed to be suitable for advanced skaters as well as entry level skaters. The boot is a very comfortable fit, and the soulplate has one of the most up to date a...

커스텀(Custom) USD 카를로스 피아노스키(Carlos Pianowski) 세븐(VII) Skate // Seven, RW

Custom USD Carlos Pianowski VII SkateThis is one of the first custom skates that we’ve done with the USD VII Carlos Pianowski Skates, so we were super excited to get this done! For this one, we adde...

USD VII(Seven; 세븐) 곤조(Gonzo)


AMall에 USD 세븐(VII; Seven)이 안 들어오는 이유!?

1. Justin doesn't stock the VII skates as he thinks they're shit.Thing is he's probably never even skated a pair.2. Well considering everytime someone asks in the Ask JH forum on Amall if they're ge...