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도미닉 사고나(Dominic Sagona)의 근황 // USD, Revolution

Dominic Sagona at Revolution Skate Shop - Dominic just moved to Arizona, we're juiced to have a skater like Dominic be part of our AZ scene아리조나로 가셨다고!드론에 FSK 프레임 달고 타던 생계형 스케이팅(?)은 일단 끝난 듯? -,-;;

Help! - Montage: Arizona from Arizona parks such as Scottsdale, El Mirage, Ahwatukee, Thunderbird, and Tempe.Featuring:Chad HornishTaylor MonnigLuke KimberlyCrazy BMathieu LedouxBrent Hender...

USD AZ Tour Day 2 // 카본(Carbon), Iain McLeod, Rachard Johnson

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Watch the whole trip on ACHOSEN-FEW.COM iain mcleod quinn feldman rachard johnsonMcLeod 발목이 너무 헐렁헐렁한 듯? -_-;; 다칠라... ㄷㄷㄷ

TNS Tempe Quick Hits - USD, 레볼루션(Revolution), 아리조나(Arizona)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Revolution Thursday Night Skate Quick Hits - Tempe Skatepark (5/20). Featuring USD All-Stars Iain Mcleod, Dustin Latimer, and also featuring Arizona locals. Special Guest TNS Quick H...

It's Always Sunny In Arizona Online Video

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Billy O'Neill, Steve "Alf" Iacono, and the Kelso brothers venture to Arizona for spring break to meet up with their old friend and new Arizona resident JonJon Bolino. With the help o...

John Bolino & Jon Jon Bolino, Jeremy Spira, Joey Chase // 님(NIMH), 레볼루션(Revolution), 아리조나(Arizona)

John Bolino & Jon Jon BolinoRevolution Team Rider Jeremy Spira - fence soul stall transfer soulRevolution Team Rider Joey Chase - Wallride 180 in AZ

AZRZ - One Day, 4 Spots Edit // 아리조나(Arizona)

http://www.azrz.wordpress.comFilmed in one day, went to four different spots and got the footage to make this edit. Blading by: Luke Kimberly, Kenny Scherf, Ryan Daily, Alec Gentile, Taylor Monnig, ...

CREEP - FULL VIDEO ONLINE // 아리조나(Arizona)

CREEP - Section 01 - IntroCREEP - Section 02 - Luke KimberlyCREEP - Section 03 - Ryan DailyCREEP - Section 04 - FriendsCREEP - Section 05 - Chad HornishCREEP - Section 06 - Kenny ScherfCREEP - Secti...

케이시 맥파랜드(CASEY McFARLAND) – Photo by 오스틴 파즈(Austin Paz) // 님(NIMH), 레볼루션(Revolution)

Austin Paz gave Casey a little motivation to do this back royale drop back royale to fakie in Arizona. We filmed some last minute deals for the Roccity Arizona 2010 Edit yesterday. This was the fina...

케이시 맥파랜드(Casey McFarland) 2006 // 레볼루션(Revolution), USD UFS 드론(Throne), 발로(Valo)

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Unused footage of Cornut shredding up spots in Europe, Cali and Arizona. Filmed by Dave Poe.
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