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Another smooth edit by 비니 민튼(Vinny Minton) // 레이저(Razors) SL 아라곤(Aragon) 3, AM, AMall

Navato Skate SessionMore Glidecam radness by none other than Vinny Minton. Edit features Sneaky, B.Mike, Jon Morciglio, Eric Garcia, Vinny Minton and Matt Murphy. 스니키, 방가방가~ :D민튼횽도 아라곤3 !


connected:salutationsWe here at connectedskating are proud to be americans... well at least i think we are. We enjoy the freedom that we have and all the skatespots that this country has given us. W...

Jon's Berfday Session

Doing what we love to do.발로(Valo)를 깨작거리던 비니 민튼이 다시 데쉬 카본 화이트를 타고 있다. 쟤 왜 저러지?? -_-?