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언더커버(Undercover) 2010 블랭크 휠(Blank Wheel) JADE (Lemon Smell), RED (Apple Smell) // AM, AMall

Undercover 2010 Blank Wheel JADE (Lemon Smell)Undercover puts the fruit back in your boots with their new bright colored blank wheels that are priced as good as....well fruit. These wheels feature a...

언더커버(UNDERCOVER) 블랭크 휠(Blank Wheels) (55/90) (57/90) // UC

Description:Company: UndercoverProduct: Blank WheelsSize: 55mmHardness: 90AColours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow*This is a very good park wheel, because of the very good grip* John나 수많은 사람들의 악평과극소수의 호평이...