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Freestyle Culture TV: Sean Darst + Gabe Talamantes by Brazilionaire & Vince Zywczak Edited by Brazilionaire Special Thanks to Razors and Valo좋쿠나!AB1 화이트 사진은 아래에...발로(VALO) AB.1 White *...

Podcast Tuesday: Game Theory Sneak Peek ft. Brian Aragon, Jeph Howard, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Horn

In this weeks Podcast Tuesday we decided to show you guys a special sneak peek at Game Theory. Featuring: Jeph Howard, Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, HornFilmed / Edited by BrazilionaireAddit...

Podcast Tuesday: 막스 호빈(Max Jubin) Street Footage (Leftovers) ft. Brian Aragon // 레이저(Razors), 맥스 호빈

This Podcast Tuesday is featuring all of the leftover/throwaway footage of Max Jubin that didn't make it into Game Theory. Also see a sneak peak of Game Theory with World Champion and X-Games winner...

레이저(Razors) News: New Pro Skater - "Champion" Commercial // Julian Bah

Razors News: New Pro Skater - "Champion" Commercial Video by Brazilionaire.

Razors News | Windy City Riot 2010

1st - Kruise Sapstein2nd - Michael Froemling3rd - Jeph HowardEdited by Brazilionaire and Vince Zywczak이제는 스트릿 대회에서도 프로파일 영상에서나 볼만한 트릭들이 뿜어져 나오는구나!! 아아아아 아아아아아~♬ -o-)/

July 31st Session: Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Brent Hicks, Iain McLeod, Rachard Johnson and more

Filmed and Edited by BrazilionaireJuly 31st Session: Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Brent Hicks, Iain McLeod, Aaron Feinberg, Rachard Johnson and more브렌트 힉스 오랜만~ ㅎ비 철철 맞으면서 타던 프로파일 영상이 생각나는구만

제프 하워드(Jeph Howard) - 레이저(Razors) Podcast // SL

Filmed and Edited by BrazilionaireAdditional Footage by: Michael Garlinghouse and Blake Cohenhttp://www.razorskate.comJeph Howard is internationally known for his unique skating style and personalit...

돈 뱀브릭(Don Bambrick) - 레이저(Razors) Pro Skater

Filmed and Edited by BrazilionaireAdditional footage by Adam JohnsonFrom Detroit, Michigan Don Bambrick is a world renowned professional in-line skater. For years Bambrick has been featured in major...

스테판 혼가커(Stefan Horngacher) - 레이저(Razors) International Pro Skater

Filmed and Edited by BrazilionaireStreet clips in black and white from "Icons" Horn Section filmed by Adam JohnsonStreet clips in HD/Color from upcoming Razors DVD: "Game Theory"

브라이언 아라곤(Brian Aragon) Skates 3 레드(Red) Commercial Spot // 레이저(Razors) SL

Brian Aragon Skates 3 Red Commercial SpotBrian Aragon and Razors are excited to introduce the Red Aragon skate. Its a limited edition of the popular Aragon 3 and comes with red backslide plates, buc...
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