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Last Man Standing Official Trailer (2009) // Brooklyn Banks, 뉴욕(New York)

The Collaborative Compilation of the Last Man Standing Comp which took place at the Brooklyn Banks on Sept 5, 2009... brought to you by Victor Callender + Ray Mendez + Dave Toro + Christen Cofer + A...

제레미 스파이라(Jeremy Spira) - stale 360 at the Brooklyn Banks in NYC // 님(NIMH)

Jeremy Spira - stale 360 at the Brooklyn Banks in NYC

PHOTO JOURNAL: Drew Humphrey #2 // 원매거진(ONE Magazine)

If you ever come to Brooklyn, you will notice all of these big electrical boxes. I told Damian Michalski that I would like to get a photo of him on one of these. Damian is 16 years old and currently...