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Carbon Dos // USD 카본(Carbon) 2 Review

Who has carbon 2s? pros/cons? and comparison to carbons? Posted by: BostonHxC 카본 2의 장단점을 물어보심. 카본 (1)에 비하면 어떤지도... ive owned 2 pair of ch1's and every model of carbons now from deshi to usd 1 n 2 an...

콜린 켈소(Colin Kelso) Checkmate REMIX w/unseen footy // 데쉬(Deshi) CH.1

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Colin Kelso's clips from checkmate remixed with some unseen footage that was never used....켈소 간지가 콸콸콸!! :D트루 소울에서 앞발 비비적거리면서 소울발 넘겨서 탑에시드 하는 거.. 나도 하고 싶다!!! ㅠ_ㅠ)/

프레드 앤더슨(? Fred Andersson) representing 스웨덴(Sweden) and USD.

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.The stylish Fred Andersson is back in action, edit by Seb Cassel.발재간 킹굳~! -o-b

데쉬(Deshi) CH1 White & Gold

Size 9ukXL 2 pieceSagona SlimlinesUC wheels (getting Kelso uc soon)Abec 5sPosted by: Hidden1 UK 9 이면 US 10 ... 280mm 이니까... 투피스는 라지를 달았어야 했는데~ -o-a엑스라지를 달아서 뒤쪽에 남아돌고 있는데~~~헐떡여랴~ 이야압~

데쉬(Deshi) Ch1 하마누스(Harmanus) 커스텀(Custom) // 가죽, 운동화 색칠

Getting a little carried away with the paint. Matching painted Jug Haffeys, Teal Tk16 Kendama. I have way to much time on my hands lol.물감은 Angelus leather paint 를 사용하셨다고...문신으로 가득할(?) 상반신을 까고 저거 타고 ...

Wakefield & Leeds #1 // Joe Atkinson, 데쉬(Deshi) CH.1

Grif Kerry sent us this 1 minute wonder featuring Joe Atkinson. Nice.조ㅈ망 데쉬 따위로 뽐뿌하지 마셈~ -o-

데쉬(Deshi) Ch1 Flop Out?

i want to switch skates (yes finally time to retire the old ones  ) , but i really like the Ch1's from deshi. My friends however are warning me against them because they "flop out" or get ...

본격 CH.1 까는 글 // 데쉬(Deshi)

ch1s will be fine until they go floppy 헐떡거리게 되기 전까지는 좋을거다만~id rather buy a pair every 3 months and skate like no other 나는 3달마다 새 CH.1를 사서 타겠다. // 3달이면 수명을 다한다는... CH.1 까는 글.seriously ch1 skates are ...

“The Second Coming” Intro, 마이키 블레어(Mikey Blair) // 데쉬(Deshi) CH.1

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.“The Second Coming” is a rollerblading video coming at you out of Michigan’s own Detroit Rock City! Shot and edited by up and comer Alex Beaupre. Featuring profiles on Adam Faaleolea...

데쉬(Deshi) CH.1 커스텀(Custom)

I just cut out the tongue.Now it's a lot slim and feels lighter (or not)오~ 괜찮다~ -o-
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