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다케시 야스토코(Takeshi Yasutoko) // 일본(Japan), 발로(Valo), 저그(Jug), 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

Valo Japan!takeshi yasutokoJapan

레이저(Razors) SL 돈 뱀브릭(Don Bambrick) 커스텀(Custom)

new wheels and put white bs plates on Posted by : the notorious LUD

크리에이트 오리지날(CREATE ORIGINALS) 프레임(Frame) Fall 2010 // 그라인드 하우스(Grindhouse)

The CREATE ORIGINALS fall 2010 frames are also coming with grindblocks at the 2nd and 3rd wheelposition. If you ride them with these grindblocks the feeling is like grinding with a freestyle frame. ...

USD in BCN, ready to rock. // 클래식 드론(Classic Throne), 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

Recognise these faces? Get ready for Powerhouse Studios in the city of blade.Last Man Standing 2010 에서 Brian Aragon 을 물리친 Mark Wojda ???안티락커 셋업 인증, 감사.

님(NIMH) 샤먼(Shaman) 화이트(White) 좀 탄 거 // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

Can't decide whether to keep the red souls, or put the white ones back on. Posted by : USD Dave 아... 순백 상태 유지는 어렵쿠나!

USD Presents - 팀 아담스(Tim Adams) profile by Kris Troyer // UFS 드론(Throne), 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Original

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Tim Adams rocks. Skating UFS Thrones (Albert Hooi pro model), BHC wheels and CO frames. Filmed and edited by Kris Troyer, with thanks!알찬 영상 감사!CO 프레임 내구성 테스트라도 하듯... 스트릿 영상치고는 에어의 비중...

샤도(Xsjado) 크리스 파머(Chris Farmer) 4 Pro Complete Skate // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) AM, AMall

The ALL NEW Xsjado Chris Farmer 4 Pro Complete Skate with Create Originals Chris Farmer pro frame, 4x4 Farmer pro 57mm 92a wheels and Undercover Royal ABEC 7 bearings. Xsjado is the only true step i...

커스텀(CUSTOM) 님(NIMH) 화이트(WHITE) 샤먼(SHAMAN) // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals), 레볼루션(Revolution)


USD 카본(Carbon) // 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals)

c.o. framesgenre murda wheelsm1 anti rockerscrap bearingswhite buckles and lacesPosted by: smooth_roller 스킨 옆면이 주~왁~?버클 교체는 필수입니다? -o-a

Franco Cammayo Wheel Release Session // 발로(Valo) Roll, Loco, Austin Paz, 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals September 11th Tri-State Skate Hosted a wheel release session at Drop In Skate Park. Many came out and attended as Franco dismantled every obstacle in the park. Con...
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