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Fifty/50 Freestyle 코어(Core) 프레임(Frame)

The all new Fifty/50 Core frame is the first frame ever to feature an unbreakable steel core with replaceable plastic outers making this the only frame able to out last your skating career. Features...

Fifty/50 코어(Core) 2 Aluminum Inner Frame

The new Reinforced replacement inner aluminum frame Core frame, in case you break first edditions.FeaturesCore 2 metal frame features stronger alluminum.Compatible with ALL Fifty/50 core systems. Fr...

Fifty/50 코어(Core) FREESTYLE frame walls

Replacement frame walls for the Core frame.Sold in 4 pack to replace the walls of 1 pair of frames.FeaturesCompatible with all Core System frames.

50-50 밸런스(Balance) 코어(Core) 프레임(Frames) // Fifty-50

FIFTY-50 코어(CORE) 프레임(Frame)

FIFTY-50 CORE Frame Features: NEW Aluminum Gold Core System NEW Replaceable Outer Frame Walls NEW Designed Groove Raised Grind Walls creates less friction on grinds, and better lock on soul/topside ...