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Negative Acid - Worapoj Boonim // USD 카본(Carbon) 2 션 켈소(Sean Kelso)

Negative Acid from the USD skater Worapoj Boonim in Bangkok, Thailand© pollo200

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 커프(Cuff) 덜렁덜렁 // 카본 쉘 깨짐?? -.-a's cuff has been on it's last leg for weeks. Fed up, Noah sported a friends extra skates to finish the last few minutes of a gromet filled day at Epic Skatepark. Noah Ne...

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 커스텀(Custom) // VII Plates, GC XS

USD Carbon 2 (EU 43)VII Plates (Size 2)GC XS (Size Small, borrowed)Billy O'Neill STARZ3rd World AntisCrap Bearings (I don't mean the actual Crap Bearings, I mean crap bearings)In order to make the p...

Jeremy Raff // USD 카본(Carbon) 2 션 켈소(Sean Kelso)

Jeremy Raff - Stale 360Jeremy shredding at a wednesday night skate. Power Inn skatepark in Sacramento.As a photographer I'd like to say:The composition of this photograph follows the rule of thirds....

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 화이트(White) 분해!! ㄷㄷㄷ // 카본 1, 내부 구조

The end of a beautiful friendship - carbon 2 strip down. wall of text, not many pics.아름다운 우정의 끝 - 카본 2 홀랑 벗기기. 스압 주의. 사진은 많지 않음.Well it's the end for my carbon 2s and I thought is would about the in...

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 션 켈소(Sean Kelso) 커스텀(Custom) // 레이저(Razors) 커프(Cuff)

Posted by: Muppet4Eternity razors that's interesting. don't you think that they're sort of too high?-> Nope, can't feel em at all round my ankles. They provide just enough support.커프가...

제프 달나스(Jeff Dalnas) invades OC. // USD 카본(Carbon) 2

Jeff Dalnas invades OC.A Day In CaliforniaTop Soul, Death Drop, Santa Ana CA.오오미!!!

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 션 켈소(Sean Kelso) 커스텀(Custom) // 카이저(Kizer) 다이아몬드(Diamond) 프레임(Frame), UHMW

Posted by: Wonton오오미... 다이아몬드!저게 다이아몬드 2 였던가!? -o-a여하튼... 액슬 구멍 다 뭉그러진당께~

USD 카본(Carbon) 2 블랙(Black) 커스텀(Custom) // 칼틱(Kaltik) 스탤스(Stealth) 프레임(Frame), M1 트리니티(Trinity) 휠

Got the original idea I wanted together. Posted by: ogfeez 위엄 쩌는 셋업! :D하지만, 카본2의 스킨은 날아가는 중... -.-;;

USD 카본(Carbon) 2's a 9 Month Recap/Roast // 사용기, 리뷰(Review)

WARNING: WALL OF TEXT........ and Pictures of nasty feetIt's been a while since my initial review of the carbon 2's and I thought it's about time to give them a proper eulogy before they rest peacef...
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