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Task TV: Skate Battle - Edit by Chase Gardiner

...So the story starts while on the Still Smoking Tour with all the Calgary guys, it was our second last night on tour so the drinks were flowing and everyone was basically too drunk for their own g...

Pop Contest 09 Trip by Chase // 캐나다(Canada)

Myself, Greg, Grombert, Jay, Erin and Jon embarked on a journey from Pop Contest to home, since it was all rain on the way out we have nothing to show for it. So on the way home we made the best of ...

Clips from Chase’s new camera. // 캐나다(Canada)

Upon returning from Vancouver I had my new camera waiting for me, the Sony FX-1. We took it out for a little test drive to the Wednesday NIght Skate out at Cochrane Skatepark. Figured I would toss i...

For The Kids - 04 Chase Gardiner // 데쉬(Deshi) CH.1