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SDSF edit made by 에릭 슈라인(Eric Schrijn) w/ EscoZoo

Edited and developed by Eric Schrijn. Features SDSF skaters Alex Wick, Jay Moreno, Robert Lievanos, Brent Hicks, Winston Wardwell, Russell Day and other local riders. 리바노스가 드론에 얼룩말 무늬 색칠하는 법 알려주던 시절...

USD - UFS 드론(Throne) 압딜 콜버그(Abdiel Coldberg)

Name: USD - UFS Throne Abdiel Coldberg Size: 45 New dark blue Abdiel Coldberg UFS Throne shell skate with all white old school triple soulplate. Without frame and wheels just € 130,-- New blue...