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SSM 마크 모레노(Marc Moreno) Pro Complete // Revolution, Bakerized, Grindhouse, AM, RW

SSM MARC MORENO Pro Skate Features: -Designed by Europe's Marc Moreno - Black/White Colorway -NEW SSM Soulplate - Extended Heel Wing, Pre-Grooved Backslide, Streamlined Toe Area for Improved Look. -...

Enanoh (Marc Moreno) // 님(NIMH), 샤먼(Shaman) 커스텀(Custom)

WINTER WONDERLAND TOUR – JEFF STOCKWELL AND WORAPOJ BOONNIM “NOTE” IN BARCELONA, DAY 6. SUN, SUN, SUN!!Blus skies, blue skates, happy days. The crew hooked up with Enanoh (Marc Moreno) who took them...


* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Mineroh and Enanoh shredding the streets of Barcelona on their Nimh Shaman's. Marc Moreno Adria Saa얘네들도 좀 헐렁헐렁한데!? -.-a뽕스텀의 복음을 전파해주고 싶구만.잊지않겠다. NIMH 버클... ㄷㄷㄷ

Marc Moreno & Oli Short 님(NIMH) Brighton edit

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.NIMH EU EDIT featuring Oli Short and Marc Moreno behind the scene of the NIMH Team video KDM PDF featuring a mini view of Marc and his time spent in Brighton is also online here rat-...

Enanoh Lands in the UK // Marc Moreno, 님(NIMH)

NIMH rider Enanoh Moreno landed in the UK last night to begin a 2 week holiday in Brighton. Expect to see Enanoh all over the south east tearing it up with Oli Short, Leon Humphries and the rest of ...

Enanoh is in town!!

So im about to set off to pick up Enanoh aka Marc Moreno, he is flying in to stay for two weeks at mine and oli shorts place in brighton, filming for Nimh and shooting for some other projects. Keep ...


ADRIÀ SAA XSJADO EDITEdit by Enanoh and Abec mag. Also check out his Xsjado setups:


* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.Marc Moreno entra a formar parte del equipo The Crazy House 2009 알리숏은 님으로 와서도 씹히는 거냐능~

님(NIMH) Europe - 3 days and 7 hours in 바르셀로나(Barcelona) - 09/05/22

In the not too distant past Oli called me to say that he would be flying to Barcelona for a short but hard hitting trip to skate and film with HIMHs first official EU Am rider, Marc Moreno. Seemingl...

New 님(Nimh) EU Pro Rider and European Team Roster!!!!!

This is a New beginning for NIMH on the other side of the atlantic. NIMH will be setting a NEW standard for rollerblading in Europe! NIMH EU will be building from the ground up.This is the official ...
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