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USD UFS 드론(Throne) 에보(Evo) 11 프리스타일(Freestyle) Edition // GC, 그라인드 하우스(Grindhouse)

USD UFS Throne Evo 11 Freestyle EditionUSD UFS Throne Evo 11 BootOnly + GC FLT Freestyle Frame + GH Roll to get her Wheels + ABEC 5 BearingsThe USD UFS Throne Evo 11 comes in a decent grey/white col...

렘즈(REMZ) OS.4 // OS4, 이그니션(Ignition)

REMZ OS.4 Boot Only REMZ OS.4 FLT II Freestyle Setup오호라~ 라이너가 그럴싸 해 뵈는 걸!? -o-a발가락, 발등, 발 옆부분 위로 빵빵하게 삐져나온 거랑... ㅎ(발목 주변이 휑~한 게 살짝 아쉽;;;)

GC 페더라이트(Featherlite) 2 프리스타일(FREESTYLE) 프레임(Frame) BLACK, WHITE // FLT FS, AM, AMall, RW, IW

GC Featherlite 2 FREESTYLE Frame BLACKFor all of you Freestyle frame fans, GC took their extremely popular Featherlite 2 frame and worked with its riders to develop a freestyle version of the frame....

그라운드컨트롤(GROUNDCONTROL) FLT 프리스타일(Freestyle) 프레임(Frame) // GC, 그라인드하우스(Grindhouse)

GROUNDCONTROL FLT Freestyle Frame blackGROUNDCONTROL is proud to introduce the new FLT Freestyle Frame. The new FLT Freestyle frames combine the best of the popular FLT II and F1 Freestyle frames an...