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Fade Nation GREEN Trailer // eRolling

Fade Nation 3: GREEN DVD Directed by Lonnie Gallegos.Featuring Robert Guerrero, Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams and Fritz Peitzner.Also with Ben Schwab, JC Rowe, Michael Obedoza, Victor Galicia, ...

더스틴 라티머(Dustin Latimer) 근황 // USD 클래식 드론(Classic Throne)

see?D Latimerfadenation전설적인 스케이터도 자기 스케이트에 그라인더질을 합니다. ㄳ.스케이터에게 스켓빨이란!?

Anthony Williams, Anthony Gallegos // Fadenation

The knocked over fence deal i was talking aboutAnthony Williams TorqueeeAnthony Gallegos (no relation that we know of) negative fishyAnthonelli Torquee안쏘니 두 분.

페이드 네이션(Fade Nation) 3: Green

so the extreme lack of blog doesnt mean we havent been doing anything.. actually its quite the opposite. Negretes workin on his thing and im workin on mine... Fade Nation 3: Green. Been filming with...

Controlled Accidents Num. 9, Fade Nation "Green" Guerrero, Jayson Reduta, and John Starr meet up in Los Angeles to film for the third installment of the Fade Nation series entitled "Green." For more...