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레이저(Razors) 제네시스(Genesys) LE w/ Fifty-50 밸랜스(Balance)

I didn't even remember Razors made these skates, so when I saw them I bought them asap! They're the Genesys LE, which came with upgraded Jug liners, GC frames and Genre Murda wheels in a black and w...

라차드 존슨(Rachard Johnson) Fifty-50 Pro // 렘즈(Remz)

Rachard Johnson - 270 Backside Royale

50/50 // Fifty/50 프레임(Frame)

무크처럼 발 돌아가는 일은 없을 듯!? -o-a

Rachard’s new skates // 라차드 존슨(Rachard Johnson), 렘즈(Remz), Fifty-50

ㄹㅏ차드는... // ㄹㅣ차드 아님.창의적이지도 않고, 스타일도 한결 같고스케이트에 대해서 번뜩이는 아이디어(뉴 시스템, 뉴 디자인 등)도 없고오로지 레드/블랙으로 지내오고 있습니다?! -o-a어글 접고 사라진 다른 횽들이 그리워지는 봄이로구나!

50-50 밸런스(Balance) 코어(Core) 프레임(Frames) // Fifty-50

50-50 클래식(Classic) 프레임(Frames) // Fifty-50


FIFTY-50 코어(CORE) 프레임(Frame)

FIFTY-50 CORE Frame Features: NEW Aluminum Gold Core System NEW Replaceable Outer Frame Walls NEW Designed Groove Raised Grind Walls creates less friction on grinds, and better lock on soul/topside ...

Fifty-50: JC Rowe, Sequence Wallpaper // 샤도(Xsjado) 크리스 파머(Chris Farmer) 3

JC Rowe - Zero Negative Mistrialphoto: Jess Dyrenforth!더 큰 버전은 아래 첨부파일에...

JC's NEW FRAME SAMPLES // 샤도(Xsjado) 크리스파머(Chris Farmer)

The new JC Rowe frames will be available everywhere in April '09.The very first samples came in from China this week, and they looks SUPER fresh. The color looks especially sick on JC's brand new sk...
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