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Freestyle Culture TV: Sean Darst + Gabe Talamantes by Brazilionaire & Vince Zywczak Edited by Brazilionaire Special Thanks to Razors and Valo좋쿠나!AB1 화이트 사진은 아래에...발로(VALO) AB.1 White *...

Gabe Talamantes

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.A short profile of Gabe from over the summer. We didnt get to film nearly as much as we wanted but you'll see more of him soon.

Bustown Throwdown Official Edit Featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes and more

Bustown Throwdown Official Edit featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes, Jimmy Hake, Jon Murakami, and more. Results:BeginnerCameron Headlee10-15 IntermediateHowie CurdLiam CampbellBrandon Nguyen10-...