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The Badger Bladeoff

Filmed and Edited by Brazilionairehttp://www.razorskate.com Bladeoff Video Featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes, Nick Uhas...

Jimmy Hake, 제프 스탁웰(Jeff Stockwell)

Jimmy Hake Wall Ride over SkiiBig ole wall ride over Eric Perkett at the Razors warehouse park open. Curved Ally-OopAlly-oop soul by Jeff StockwellFeatured in Roll Zine issue ©...

Bustown Throwdown Official Edit Featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes and more

Bustown Throwdown Official Edit featuring Don Bambrick, Gabe Talamantes, Jimmy Hake, Jon Murakami, and more. Results:BeginnerCameron Headlee10-15 IntermediateHowie CurdLiam CampbellBrandon Nguyen10-...

지미 헤이크(Jimmy Hake) - True Spin Fish Brain // 레이저(Razors) SL

New Razors warehouse park, this guy worked so hard on building this. Amazing skater.